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Eyecare Services

Our Eye Care and Optical Services


At Global Eyes Optical, we are dedicated to meeting all your eye care needs with a range of comprehensive services. Our expert team is committed to your visual well-being, offering services that include thorough eye examinations, precise eyeglasses fittings, and contact lens examinations tailored to your individual requirements. Additionally, we provide specialized procedures such as dilation and cycloplegic refraction to ensure a meticulous assessment of your eye health. At Global Eyes Optical, we go beyond routine care by offering services like glasses repairs, ensuring that your eyewear remains in optimal condition. Trust us to provide attentive and personalized care, supporting your vision with excellence in every service we offer.

Contact Lenses Fitting 

Enjoy enhanced peripheral vision, freedom from frames, and a natural field of view with contact lenses. Our expert team not only provides standard contact lens fittings but also specializes in fitting specialty lenses like rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses and scleral lenses. Whether you have astigmatism, presbyopia, or other specific eye needs, our comprehensive service ensures a comfortable and precise fit tailored to your unique requirements. Discover the convenience and comfort of contact lenses with personalized fittings at Global Eyes Optical.

Eyeglasses Repair

We know some of our patients are dedicated to wearing eyeglasses and have their favorite frames. When they break, we can help get them repaired. Because our optometry office addresses fitting and provisioning of eyeglasses, we can help with related repair as well. There's no need to shelf your old pair because of a broken hinge or missing screw.

Eye Disease Management Services

At Global Eyes, we also perform dilated eye examinations which is crucial for maintaining optimal eye health and detecting potential issues early on. By dilating the pupils, we gain a wider view of the retina, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of the optic nerve, blood vessels, and other critical structures. This thorough examination is particularly important for the early detection of conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy, which may not present noticeable symptoms in their initial stages. Early detection enables timely intervention and management, preventing the progression of eye diseases and preserving long-term vision.

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